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The Percussion Books

Vol.1 - Sambas 

Format: E-book  (PDF)

No. of pgs: 72

MP3 Tracks included

Language: Portuguese / English


R$ 45,90 *   (~US$ 9,00)

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      “The Percussion Books” collection is the result of 25 years in researching, studying and dedication to the music, to the percussion, to the rhythms and to their instruments. The proposal is to create a reference material to satisfy from the amateur enthusiast to the professional musicians and educators. In the face of so many varieties, the techniques, rhythmic variations and historical information here presented are only one side of the amazing percussion universe.


      The first book from the series inaugurates the volumes about Brazilian percussion and explores the Samba – the most popular and widespread Brazilian rhythm in the world. In this volume,  it is demonstrated the main techniques to play Samba instruments, like: pandeiro, surdo, tamborim, tantan, caixa, repinique and others. Besides traditional Samba e its modern interpretations, there is an extensive material about Partido Alto, Samba Enredo and Samba in odd meters.



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